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Hottest Bikinis and Swimsuits- Brazilian Bikini, String

Whether you are going on vacation as a couple or on a singles vacation, there is no doubt that women in sexy bikinis get the attention on the beaches and around the pool.  Be as daring as you like.


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Shopping for a new swimsuit or bikini- not sure what styles will look great on you or how revealing you want it to be? No doubt the styles are smaller and skimpier this year and leave very little to the imagination. If you have a great shaped body and feel comfortable showing it off at the beaches, pools or on vacation then go ahead and be daring. There is always room around the pool or at the beach parties for another beautiful body like yours. Of course you will have competition as this is most girls dream to be the one who steals all the attention. Pick a couple of styles and colors so you have a different look when and where you want. Don’t hesitate to buy separate tops and bottoms to mix and match. This can give your bikini outfit a whole new look by mixing. Don’t forget the bikini waxing or micro shaver to make you skin baby smooth and great looking.


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The hottest attractions on any beach are the new styles of extreme sexy bikinis and swimsuits that women are wearing on the warm sunny beaches locally and around the world. With so many choices of swimsuits and bikinis to choose from it is very difficult to select a bathing suit that’s right for you. Most women own more than one swimsuit or bikini, some old, some comfortable and maybe a new o 


The thong or string bikini can look very sexy on the right body, as it is fully exposed in the back and sides. The most minimal is a no strings bikini which a patch of material adhered to the skin only in the intimate areas. Shopping for fashion swimwear can be a tedious task searching for styles that enhance your shape and accent your good features. It’s no secret that every woman’s dream is to look as good as a bikini model in a magazine or pin up calendar girl but you should realize that not everyone looks great wearing extreme bikinis.


What makes a bikini so sexy? The way the suit shapes, fits and accents your body. A tiny bikini isn’t always the sexiest. Depending on the style of swimsuit and woman wearing it, moderate skin exposure can be more seductive than seeing it all. If you have a great figure there will be more choices of bikinis for you to choose from and many styles will look great and sexy on you. One piece swimsuits can be very sexy without revealing it all and can accent your best body features with either a low cut top or high hip cut.


How to prepare yourself to look great in your new bikini? To look the best your body needs be toned and smooth all over requiring hair removal in the intimate areas by shaving, using removal creams or bikini waxing. The most common way is shaving with a razor which is ok but leaves stubbles, cuts and must be done often. Also popular is the cream type hair removal way which works well but sometimes irritates the sensitive skin in personal areas.


Choose a style of swimsuit or bikini that shows off your figure the best.


Accessorize with a Silk Sarong or Cover-up. Wearing extreme bikinis and exotic bare essential swimsuits are fine around the pool, tanning, relaxing, lounging or walking along the beach. You should have a matching sarong or cover up for those short walks to and from the beach area. A sheer or lace sarong adds a sexy mystique to your swimwear as you walk around the public areas of a resort or hotel. Most of all you should feel confident and comfortable when walking around in your bathing suit








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